ALFAFLOW CONTROLS, a company established in 2000. It was founded in Korea.We are specialized in research and development for electric and pneumatic actuators since 2000. Our mission is to design and produce high quality products, which provide the most reasonable solutions in the field of automatic valves.

Nowadays we got subsidiaries in Canda,ChinaandRussia. We are well-connected and used to foreign business.

Our Products offer a wide usage-range. This is proven by the diversity of our customers, covering all types of power plants (including nuclear power stations), extractive industry, refineries, gas, oil and water pipelines. Our field of activity reaches even to food industry technologies.

Quality matters

We take care, that we are at the edge of todays technology, so our products provide the best quality possible. Our actuators are supplied with dual piston wheels in the inside. Thereby the torque is extremly stable and reliable. By preinstalled springs we provide you with a solid (dis-)assembly.

Trading worldwide

Our products, technical support and other services are offered worldwide, for example in western europe, south-east asia, middle east and south-america. Next to our headquarter inKoreawe do have subsidiaries in canda,russiaand china. Since founding, we are focused to raise our network, connect and open new markets, grow wisely and stay up to date in fast changing market. We expect to expand our business in the future.